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ICS Outage

The Integrated Correspondence System (ICS) will be unavailable for a scheduled major upgrade on July 7, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 04:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).
To ensure a successful data migration, the functions (a) My Profile; (b) Manage Correspondents and (c) Manage Requests will be suspended from July 5, 2016 8:00 AM to July 7, 2016 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Le système de correspondance intégré ( ICS ) sera indisponible pour une mise à jour majeure prévue le 7 Juillet 2016 10h00-à-16:30 heure normale de l''Est (HNE ) .Pour assurer une migration de données réussie, les fonctions ( a) Mon profil ; ( B ) Gestion des correspondants et ( c ) la gestion des demandes seront suspendues du 5 Juillet , 2016 8:00 à 7 Juillet , 2016 16:30 , heure normale de l''Est (HNE ) .

El Sistema Integrado de Correspondencia ( ICS ) no estará disponible para una importante actualización prevista el 7 de julio el año 2016 10 a.m.-04:30 hora estándar del este ( EST ) .Para garantizar el éxito de la migración de datos , las funciones ( a) Mi perfil ; ( B ) Administración de los corresponsales y (c ) gestionar las solicitudes serán suspendidos del 5 de julio , el año 2016 8:00 AM al 7 de julio el año 2016 4:30 pm hora estándar del este ( EST ) .

What is the Integrated Correspondence System (ICS)?
The Integrated Correspondence System (ICS) is a web-based data reporting system developed by the IMF Statistics Department (STA) for use by country data reporters. The ICS provides data reporters with an efficient method of sending data to the IMF in a secure Internet environment.

What's New
2016 Financial Access Survey Documents for Reference (March 2016)

Financial Access Survey (FAS) develops cross-country data on access to and usage of basic financial services for use by policy makers and researchers. FAS questionnaire for data reporting is available on ICS under Financial Access Survey header in the Download Reports page. For reference, the questionnaire and guidelines are also available in English, Spanish and French:

Definitions and Instructions for Completing the IMF’s Financial Access Survey (FAS)
Définitions et instructions à suivre pour remplir le questionnaire du FMI sur l'accès aux services financiers (ASF)
Definiciones e instrucciones para llenar la Encuesta de Acceso Financiero

English – 2016 FAS Questionnaire – for reference only – Excel
French – 2016 FAS Questionnaire – for reference only – Excel
Spanish – 2016 FAS Questionnaire – for reference only – Excel

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