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What is the Integrated Correspondence System (ICS)?
The Integrated Correspondence System (ICS) is a web-based data reporting system developed by the IMF Statistics Department (STA) for use by country data reporters. The ICS provides data reporters with an efficient method of sending data to STA in a secure Internet environment using Excel.

What's New
Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI) -- Basel III update
In response to the introduction of the third installment of the Basel Accords by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the IMF's Statistics Department has updated the Financial Soundness Indicators metadata report form to allow reporters to indicate Basel III as the regulatory framework under which the FSI data are compiled.

IMF Gold Sales

STA has prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions (available at
) with the aim of assisting compilers in their understanding of the recording of distributions of windfall profits from recent IMF gold sales and subsequent contributions to the PRGT, in balance of payments, government finance, and monetary statistics.


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